Insurance and Liability law

Insurance and Liability law

Liability law contains all relevant law which determines whether a person is contractually liable or in tort for damages due to their own or others behaviour, or as a result of the (default) of property.

Example: you have been involved within a car accident; have suffered damages due to the bad execution of works; are suffering damages due to a medical error; your minor has caused damages; your employee has caused fired; etc.

Insurances guarantee certain events in order to mitigate damages as a result of the liability of its insured, and are inevitably connected to liability law.

The insurance and liability team

Bannister Lawyers has gained a vast experience within Insurance and Liability Law. Our firm is being consulted by various insurance companies and acts on behalf of natural persons and companies.

This departement is led by Thomas Machtelinckx and consists of a team of experts, all specialised within the particular field of law.

Thomas Machtelinckx

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