Assistance of professional sportsmen, artists, performers

Sports law

In addition to a love for justice in itself, Bannister Lawyers is also passionate about sports in general. The combination of both has led to the firm gradually becoming specialized in looking after the interests of various actors within the sports world (players, clubs, supporters, …).

The sports department is led by Jorgen Van Laer, who is assisted with great enthusiasm by Thomas Machtelinckx. They are happy to sift through the tangle of legislation and case law in order to be able to offer an optimal service in the context of disciplinary procedures (RBFA, BAS, UEFA, FIFA, etc.), as well as procedures regarding the Belgian Football Act (stadium bans, etc.).

In addition, you can count on the expertise of Maxim Korthoudt for the employment and contract law aspects of sports law.


Bannister Lawyers offers services to professional sportsmen and their agents, clubs and other companies linked to the sport in any way. The same applies to artists and performers in their resp. sectors.

Jorgen Van Laer

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Thomas Machtelinckx

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Maxim Korthoudt

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