Debt recovery

Debt recovery

Debtors can put pressure on your company’s cash flow. Bannister Lawyers can assist clients who come across clients who do not meet their financial and contractual obligations. Your business needs a healthy cash flow to survive, so you have to be short-term on debtors.

Bannister Lawyers guarantees an efficient and effective approach to your debtors. We are happy to be your partner in recovering any outstanding amount (e.g. first reminder to debt recovery in front of a court). Our firm also provides added value and various benefits in the collection of charges against foreign customers and private individuals.

The main advantage is that only a lawyer can use all means, up to and including judicial recovery, to put maximum pressure on a debtor. This allows our firm to achieve the best result. In addition, your company can easily be relieved of the administrative burden and such at a very high recovery rate.

The starting point is that our firms proposes a debt collection at no extra cost. The costs are recovered from the debtor as much as possible by, among other things, applying the general terms and conditions stated on documents and contracts. If necessary, our firm can also advise in drawing up or amending general terms and conditions in order to maximise recovery and mitigating costs.

Disputed claims (in which a debtor has a substantive defence, other than mere payment problems) will not be treated as (simple) collection. Such cases will be dealt with at an hourly rate. However, in such event it is our goal to mitigate costs towards our clients in recovering also contractual increments and interests.

  • Reminders (amicable) – As a first step in debt recovery, our firm drafts a reminder in which the debtor is put in default. Within this letter, additional contractual amounts and interests are calculated;
  • Judicial (amicable) notice – A legal procedure is not always the most efficient tool. However, if an amicable notice does not lead to a result, a legal procedure would be necessary. Based upon the judicial changes as imposed by POTPOURI I, the debt recovery of B2B non-disputed claims no longer has to be done in front of the court. Through our cooperation with our network of bailiffs, the IOS / CROS procedure could lead to as smooth, fast and efficient debt recovery.
  • Citation in front of the court – In those cases where a citation would be the only possible solution, our firm provides the necessary assistance.
  •  Arrest and execution – After have received a court judgment, it is essential that this judgment is executed. If necessary we can organise bank a bank arrest (on accounts) or arrest on property.

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