Criminal law

Criminal law

Our penal law department consist of an extensive team of seasoned experts and is passionately led by Jorgen Van Laer, who enjoys an excellent reputation at the various courts.

In 2017 the firm has been awarded the title “Criminal Law Firm of the the Year in Belgium”. This award represents the exceptional focus our penal lawyers are putting forward when it comes to knowing the content of their files.

The criminal law team

Bannister Lawyers has been appointed within various high end and famous trials. However, only with approval of our client, our firm shall approach press if your case would benefit from it. We value discretion in all matters.

The penal team offers assistance and representation within the penal procedure on behalf of (alleged) offenders and victims of criminal matters.

Both within the preceding investigational phase as well as the actual procedure, Bannister Lawyers can assist. The team also assists during interrogations at the police.

Jorgen Van Laer

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Social criminal law

Social criminal law concerns violations on Social Legislation. As a result of more severe prosecution by the various authorities, a specialised assistance is essential. Bannister Lawyers offers assistance during interrogations at the Social Inspection and police, and assists client during the whole administrative and penal investigation and procedure.

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