Family law and family property law

Family law
&family property law

From birth to death and beyond, every step of your personal life has legal repercussions with ever-changing rights and duties. The important legal branches of family law and family property law therefore cover a load that should not be underestimated and which covers all the legal issues concerning your person, family, family and assets. Our family law department provides legal assistance in all aspects of your (family) life.

In family matters, you often have to make decisions which you do not take lightly and which often involve a great deal of emotion. Our aim is to achieve the best possible settlement for you by providing expert advice, by strategically litigating or by guided negotiation and mediation. Together with you, we look for sustainable solutions.

Some examples of concrete situations where our team can assist you:

  • You want to adopt a child.
  • There is doubt about your parentage or that of your children.
  • You want to enter into or amend a marriage contract.
  • You want to get divorced or break up your relationship.
  • You have been summoned to appear before the Family Court.
  • There is a discussion about an inheritance.

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